They are so British... or not ? :-)

Our ferry trip from Amsterdam to Newcastle was quite good. The sea was quiet and so we slept well :-)  We got a little stressed when we got of the ferry because of driving on the left side... our reflexes didn't help us a lot. So we remembered each other about that. We stayed one night in Newcastle with a reat sunshine: The locals told us to be lucky about that! We discovered nice places like the Baltic Sea Mill, The Childrens Book shop 'Seven Stories' and an organic farm in the middle of the town called Ousburn charity farm. 

Then we went on to Scotland, still driving on the left. There we met the scotish wind and mist. We went to the seaside in Coldingham for pebbles and than to a market in Peebles. There we met nice people: Térèsa and Robert, who invited us to their place and showed us a really nice waterfall in the green countryside of Hawick. We discovered lots of things about England and Scotland and that the Scots will have an independance votation next year! They don't want to be so British anymore... or maybe yes. We will see next year then.

Our journey went on to Melrose for a handicraft market and then to Edinburgh where the wind got even stronger... real Scotish manners! We will have a look more to the North then...

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    Dan (lundi, 02 septembre 2013 23:17)

    Ouf, j'ai compris comment ça marche ! Je vais pouvoir rattraper mon retard, d'autant plus que les vacances sont finies. Nous aussi nous avons bien aimé le road movie, ça nous a rappelé les soirées diapos, sauf que le tonton René ne machouillait pas du Khat en commentant ses aventures en 403 (Peugeot) ...
    Prenez du plaisir et soin de vous, je reviens bientôt cette fois.