English lesson 1

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    Elisa (mercredi, 04 septembre 2013 19:26)

    Sheeeep - we got it! And had a great laugh! :-D
    Just like the shit of paper, right?

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    amélie (jeudi, 05 septembre 2013 11:24)

    I like it +++ !
    3 doigts en plus du pouce (même pas blue le pouce, na !)

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    François (jeudi, 05 septembre 2013 17:34)

    Shit of paper, yes ! And I forgot the sheet, the one who smell not good you sea ?!! And in France we smoke the cheat !

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    Claire Ingham (vendredi, 06 septembre 2013 21:26)

    Haa haa! Hilarious. There are some good books called "Ship or Sheep" and "Tree or Three", which show you exactly how to position your tongue and teeth to pronounce these words. For "sheep", smile and let the air pass through your teeth, for example. For "cheap", smile, but place your tongue behind your teeth, to block the air and relase after the "ch". I have had so much fun over the years teaching this. French mouths are not "gymnastiquées" for these sounds. It's normal that it is difficult. Anyway, better go. My chips are ready!Enjoying your impressions of the British Isles!

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    Robert & Teresa (samedi, 07 septembre 2013 18:29)

    Ship.... Chip.... Cheap..... Sheep.. ahhhh now I understand and thankyou Baaaaabera