Porto: full of contrasts

And then we made our way to Porto, well we arrived in Gaia what we thought being Porto ;-) But Porto is on the other side of the river! Nevertheless we stayed in Gaia, a very popolar spot with fishing places, little shops  and a big commun place where you can do your laundry with water from the rain! I thought that doesn't exist anymore... but well... and just behind a big nice building which gives to the habour with its big white yachts and people sitting in the sun ! Amazing contrasts: in one the glas of wine was 55c and in the other 2,5€ according to the different life styles.

Actually in Porto we found the same situation: lots of tourist places with tourist attitudes and some streets away popular places with popular attitudes. Lots of the time the atmosphere was nicer in the local portuguese places. We didn't understand a lot but we enjoyed the good food served really friendly. It was a little sad to see all these old houses, that fall apart more and more...

On the Gaia side we stayed on an abandonned villa place where we imagined the story of the old villa. Maybe it had a great story once... for sure it was in a big contrast to the nice harbour or the nice nature running on the coast with a protected area for animals inside, lots of nice flowers and Eucalyptus trees...



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    Dan (mercredi, 30 octobre 2013 23:23)

    C'est pas grave pour le vélo vert olive de Jean, ne perdez pas votre temps avec ça, il en recommandera un à Noël ! Sinon, le vin est-il 4 fois meilleur quand il est 4 fois plus cher?