Europe is a Lagoon of the sea-world !

Near of Obidos, one hour from Lisbon, we met Paula and Juan, her son. She is a ceramist, you can discover her work here, it is really nice don't miss it ! She invited us with her friends Sandra and Nuchas to the lagoon of Obidos. It is absolutly wonderfull ! Paula said that you have here all the advantages of the lake, and the sea !

There, we proposed to them to participate in our famous "sweet case" of course ! And we started to talk about Europe.

Sandra started. For her, Europe is like people : lot of countries, lot of persons, and all different. But if you search deeply, all the same : we are looking for peace, friends, family, happyness... So to built Europe, the only way is to built it from these similar dreams !

Paula wanted to talk about places. Here is her little paradise, a place to get energy, inspiration... But for her this little place is also a window to meet other people, other little world ! She likes to imagine Europe like a patchwork of these little places, a patchwork of little paradises !

Nucha speaks of Europe in a meditation breath. A deep breath. And she applies her friends Sandra and Paula in this movement to unify earth and sky. Europe is starting deeply in each of us, from our main expectations, dreams, needs...

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    Paula (lundi, 13 janvier 2014 19:52)

    thought about you guys today :) loved your text! huge hug!!
    (...i'm missing a T on my own text.. ouups :P )