Workshops al -love -r ... :-)

At our stop in the castillian plateau arround Valladolid we worked a lot ;-)...we did lots of workshops and met lots of nice and interesting people :-) Thanks to Beatriz, Marta and Ricardo we had great experiences in doing a creative writing workshop twice with adults (Tordesillas, ?) , a photo animation workshops with adults too (Cigunuela) and also two landart workshops in primary schools with one time kids from the countryside (Cigunuela) and the other time with kids from the city (Valladolid). If somebody is interested in details of the workshops, don't hesitate to ask for them...

We had lots of freedom with doing our workshops, the responsables were open for new suggestions and experiences. We learned a lot from the others and with the others... now we also know some spanish words ;-)...well the most important ones! We tasted great food and great wines, but well the dining hours were a little difficult for us ;-) having lunch at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and dinner at 10 o'clock in the evening gave us a digesting challenge :-) we made it!


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