Grenada -riddle :-)

Riddle: How do you say 'the red' in arabe? :-)


Ok, so nobody got it! ;-) But it's so easy! The foto is maybe not from the commun perspective but... it is the al-hambra ! The only arabic I know ;-)

Somebody knows this palace above Grenada build by several generations of arabic sovereigns? It is quite like in fairy tale of 1001 nights... but well with lots of public of course! Thera are so many tourists, we felt a little strange between all these people on holidays ;-)


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    Méla (vendredi, 15 novembre 2013 11:37)

    Rouge sinon je donne ma langue au chat!

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    Ivonne (vendredi, 15 novembre 2013 15:15)

    Oui, alors 'la rouge' en francais peut aider aussi...regarde la ville de Grenade... ??? ;-)