m&m... more mountains ;-)

In the 2nd half of november we had some workshops planned in schools but unfortunately they were canceld one after another :-( no time, no translation, no answer anymore... so ok, we we decided to stay more in the mountains what again, we really enjoyed after our visit in the South of Grenada in the Alpujarras/Sierra Nevada mountains.

This time we were in Vélez Rubio: the door to Andalucia... on our way through Murcia and northwards on the Mediteranen coast of Spain. The temperatures are falling and the forecast talks aboout wind and rain :-(...

We enjoyed a funny tapas-bar where nearly everbody was or at least spoke English. On our last day we went to local fruit&vegetable market. We really love these moments, enjoying olives, jamón iberico, dried fish, figs, dates, pomegrenate, almonds and of course oranges and tangerines  :-)

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