The sun came back :-) on our last day!

Finally on our last day in Italy the sun was with us.... soooo cool! We could enjoy the nice houses  called trulli of Alberobello with lots of fun. So interesting to see this technic of constructing: only stones without binding elements between! The oldest trullo was built in the beginning of the 15th century. Somebody started to built like that and others did the same.... like the snowball-effect...

The signs on the roofs can be pagan or christian. Amazing!

We were all alone there with some souvenir shops open, only for us!!! In summer there must be lots of tourists...ouf, it was winter! We met Pascal who showed us his family trullo, where he grew up as  a child, now its for tourists he says, to small, family too big, you know! He spoke some German, worked for  4 months there, some English, tourists oblige to! Thank you Pacal!

Our last cappuccino on a cafés terace and hop on our way to Bari to fetch the ferry boat to Greece!


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