Greece, culture and death

As promised, here the famous topic about death. As you can see, the cimetry in Greece is really different than in Italy. Always white, same direction of the graves... On each grave you find a kind of rack with a window where there is a photo of the person and a candle, some objects... 

There are also some interesting little "churchs" along the roads, sized as a little house for the birds. You can find religius pictures, candles and also some personnal objects to celebrate a lost person I guess... Then we found a coka cola, cigarettes and a hat... does somebody know exactly what that means !?


We were in a town called Filiata, just some days ago, and by chance it was the day for this town to celebrate its saint protector. There was a street market and a celebration in the church, really amazing ! First, you can hear the song of the priest ...2km around, and every where you can feel a warm and exciting atmosphere. The song in the church seems never to stopp ! A lot of people come in, buy candles, light it and pray, stay a while and leave... In the church the atmosphere was really warm, like in the Christmas time ! We discussed with a friendly priest who explained the celebration. It was really new for me to see a religious celebration so alive and close to the people...!

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