On the way to Antalya

Leaving Pamukkale, we also leave the sun! Next day on our way to Antalya on the seaside of the Mediteranean sea we go to a beautiful beach called Pataras. We are alone, no tourists, no Efes-beer, but nice sand, a little walk on the cliffs and a little chat with the guy who keeps the toilets... even if there is nobody.. like us :-)

We continue on the seaside to Kas e.g. and say to ourselves that it would be great to come back in summer time to enjoy these nice coulors of the sea and the mountains with a great sun! We see lots of little nice beaches with pebbles too. People are also swimming but well, it's too cold for us. Maybe 14° outside! 

Arriving in Finikli we discover a market in the streets and we 'loose' ourselves into it. It's like a festival: for one day there are tent constructions, lights, music, people talking and exchanging, making business, challenging life...so munch energy they must have put in these stands, to built everything up, to install their products... well, we also know this work from our markets, the energy to create a universe...

Before leaving for Antaly we meet Muhammer. He speaks French, German and English...of course. He seems so intereted in us, he invites us to visit his place, a liitle jewlery shop. Why not, he's so nice...we know that we will have to buy something...and well he tells us: first business of the year ist luck! Ok then, Emma choose a bracelet... :-)

Business, Business...everywhere in Turkey... sometimes more, sometimes less cool! 

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