The PILION :-) the green peninsula

We are back in the sun, back in spring, yes!...After our short visit in Bulgaria that we really wanted to be longer than this...but just not possible. It felt so cold in our souls that we couldn't stay :-( We still discuss on that...but it just felt so dead and isolated that we didn't want to stand it.... 600km later we were back in Nothern Greece where it still stayed cold and rainy. But coming closer to Thessaloniki and the The Pilion island we found a really nice and warm place :-)

Here everything is green, the camp sites open their season and leeves are back on the trees !!!

In the bay of Kala Nera we found life outside, the first cafés opended again, lots of Greek people especially the weekends, They sit  in the sun and drink long cold coffees for hours; they relax, talk to family and friends. Men playing with their comboloi, some kind of braclet with pearls. Just enjoying time, leaving their thoughts in wind...

We really love this country: it has sea, sun, the mountains, great food and a cool is also this cool attitude that Europe criticizes and well we aks ourselves what are they doing when they don't drink coffee??? We don't see that and it is not for us to be seen. We are tourists! We come here on holidays. And well when the tourists will come here more and more from now on, they will work long days and nights... and when there are not tourists, we don't really know...we try to talk about with Greek people but not easy to get to know something...



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