Pozzallo-Licata-South Sicilia :-)

Our feelings are a little divided about Sicilia- we expected an island with lots of nature, wild coasts and cool life. But we found an island really busy, with lots of people everywhere and not much free space... well we just came from Greece and were still in the mood for paradise ;-)


But ectually we liked to visit Catania and its fish market, the island of Syrakus and also well near Pozzallo. There we found some space on the seaside, near a big holiday complexe. The sun was shining and we just felt good in the sun, on the beach, dolce far niente...

The day after we went into Pozzallo, we just found a camper site before going into the town. It was till Eastern so there were lots of people everywhere, nicely clothed and ready for their next catwalk ;-)


We went on to Licata, we were surprised ti find a big luxury holiday harbour there, with lots of yachts, an good internet connection and aperol spritz on the terrace of the café. Well this was a little world on its own, lots of German, French, Australian and other international people. Just behind the city of Licata, not so luxury! We got lost a little in the city and we saw the poor Licata. Really poor ...Strange these contradictions ! We were the 25th of April: Liberation Day! A rock concert in the middle of the town of Licata, lots of people again... they stay, walk, talk... Untfortunately we don't have so much contact to Sicilian people...we don't speak Italian, they mostly only speak Italian...

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