Parco Nazionale Pollini

Coming back from Sicily we enjoyed the green hills of the National Parks in the South of Italy. Finally green landscape !!! Unfortunately it rained so we didn't go for walks around Borgo Laino. Really nice villages and beautiful landscapes to visit.


So we went on through Paestum on the seaside again where we stopped for the night. Our next stop would be Pompei and we were really happy about that. We had heart lots of nice things. And yes, we can just suggest you this superbe roman city. It is amazing to see! But the next time we would take a guide tu help us and explain more things. It is really difficult to get a good orientation on this side. 


We feel that we are going North and that our travel project is going to end soon. We think about our future projects, to find a nice place to stay and to work from September on. So we try to enjoy every single moment...

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