Biking and swimming in the land of ABBA ;-)

Muodoslompolo is on the Swedish side but this isn't far away. There are about 30km to go there from Muonio (FIN) which is right on the border river called Muoniojoki (joki=river). So we crossed the border and we went through Muodoslompolo to Merasjärvi (järvi=lake) to bike in the suroundings. There we met friends for a great barbecue and a little peer-action... the fotos will show you ;-)

It was so hot that Francois even went for a liitle swim in the lake. The upper part of the body was warm, but the feet were freezing :-) 

Actually when the sun is shining, it is getting really hot during the day. As the sun does not set anymore, there is sunshine all the night, so no refreshing during the night. In the next morning we had already 20° at 10 o clock. We didn't believe it !! :-)

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