Scandinavia between winter and summer ;-)

When we came here to Finland in the end of may there was still snow!! Well, the last on the but  still. We went  for a little walk on a hill nearby and happy us, we had taken the rubberboots. It looked so funny but it was really efficient... We went by car to a little town called Äkäslompolo nearby Muonio which is on the Swedish border. Äkäslompolo is really busy in winter time with 25.000 'inhabitants' and lots of winter activities. In the summer it's much more quiet with only 400 inhabitants. Lots of Finnish tourists but also others come to hike, for mountain biking or just to admire the landscape under the summer sun.

Now that the snow is melting quickly, there is lots of water in the lakes and rivers. 

It was so funny on our little hiking tour because we started to discover different kinds of poo. We've seen those from reindeers, of course, because they are just everywhere ;-)... then from rabbits and from the willow goose. We didn't find any of a bear ;-) in the beginning we were a little bit frightend about this but well fortunately they are really shy here and normally they hear and smell you before you even know about them...great nature :-)  

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